Creekbed Carter Hogan

Creekbed Carter Hogan

Blasphemous, stripped-down, and a stomping good time: Creekbed Carter Hogan is a trans folk musician with a silver tongue and a heart of gold slinging queergrass out of dive bars, sewer creeks, and fancy national stages alike. Weaving stories of growing up Catholic around deftly written songs that pierce the soul and tickle the funny bone, Carter creates a unique blend of folk picking and queer mayhem where anyone can feel welcome and loved.

Creekbed Carter is equal parts vaudevillian clown, anticapitalist tramp, and "fingerpicked bittersweet confessionals" (Austin Chronicle). Watching Creekbed Carter is like attending the party of a poet, a jester, and a wayward saint, all in one guy’s performance. They engage audiences warm heartedly, and it’s disarming how quickly he appears to be among their very best friends in a crowd of perfect strangers. “His singing voice is clear as a bell, fingerpicking as delicate as a sparrow, his witty wordsmithing sharp as a blade,” comments fellow folk freak Jude Brothers (Gar Hole Records). Hailing from Austin, TX, this rascal delivers a unique blend of folk whimsy that audiences are certain to find compelling. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Roger Miller, Lucinda Williams, and Claude Cahun, a Creekbed Carter show aims to craft an opportunity for audiences to laugh, cry, connect, and - above all - have a great time.

Since his debut in April 2021, Creekbed Carter has quickly garnered the attention and support of folk fans far and wide. In addition to touring nationally with other queer artists and playing locally at some of the most loved venues in Austin, their work has received generous support this year from both New Music USA and Bluegrass Pride. They’ve been lucky enough to grace the Moontower stage at the Kerrville Folk Festival in 2021 and 2023, as well as the final Honkeytonk Hodge Podge Fest out in Cold Beer, NM (2023). His Tiny Desk Contest submission was featured as a Desk of the Day on NPR in 2021, and his debut album "Good St Riddance," which he self-released in the height of the pandemic, has become a sleeper hit with folk enthusiasts and queer audiences alike. As if that's not enough, they published their debut book of short stories under the name Carter St Hogan with 11:11 Press in Spring 2023.

With a full-length album scheduled for release in Spring 2024 and a steadily growing TikTok following as he excavates little-known union and labor songs, Creekbed Carter is emerging as a strong voice in the Americana and folk scenes of the American Southwest, and he’s got more than a few tricks up his sleeves. Carter continues the queer/trans punk and outsider legacy of DIY energy, genre bending, and pushing at the boundaries of societal norms to make space for everyone. In Creekbed Carter's world, joy is found in deep pain, community is built in profound difference, and change sits at the tail end of every honest note.