Creekbed Carter Hogan - "Creekbed Carter"

Releases March 22nd, 2024

For trans folksinger Creekbed Carter Hogan, everything good is made from the rotten stump of something else. Their new self-titled album, Creekbed Carter, is both creed and archive, formed from the eccentric preoccupations of a messy Catholic childhood that have been crafted into a dazzling, troubling, and ultimately wondrous collection of songwriting.

This 10 track record draws from the intimacy and precision of Hogan’s live shows to build a new landscape for queer folk and country. Familiar spirits haunt these songs – Roger Miller, Bobbie Gentry, Elliott Smith, Karen Dalton – but ultimately, Hogan’s music emanates from the force of their own desires. Clever, searing, bald, and true, Creekbed Carter is, above all, an act of resilience: a flaming sword that both creator and listener can use to cut their way out and through, together.

"If I Was" (official video)


"The Relic Song"