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Please use the form below for all questions, concerns, inquiries, requests, etc. A member of the Gar Hole Team will be in touch soon. 
If you would like to send a music submission for GHR consideration, please do so in the form of a streaming link (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.) We are a small label with limited time and resources, but we do our best to listen to everything. 

If you’ve ever been a place where failure is assured, hardship is welcomed, and the water’s never quite clear: you’ve been to the Gar Hole. Begun in the ashes of pre-covid Arkansas, Gar Hole Records is the combined brains and brawn of Fayetteville tape label guy Kurt DeLashmet and certified Grampa Music enthusiast Nick Shoulders; established in Fall of 2020 to bring you lovingly tailored tunes for the UnAmericana fan in all of us. See ya’ll at the bottom.

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GHR logo art by Nick Shoulders

Photography by Megan Karson