Dylan Earl

Dylan Earl is a man shaped by the land around him. Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana but “naturalized by the Natural State” as a teenager, Dylan (or “Dearl” as he’s come to be known) has been active in the Arkansas underground country scene for over a decade, first as a founding member of alt-country band Swampbird and then as a solo performer and songwriter. Using a sonic blend of honkytonk, southern rock, and traditional country, Dylan Earl crafts thoughtful, introspective tunes straight from the heart, each song a dog-eared page from the chapters of his life. Alongside his friends and contemporaries like Willi Carlisle and Nick Shoulders, Dylan has been heavily involved in carving out space for socially conscious Country Music in the midsouth region and beyond. In addition to his participation in local/regional music over the years, he has also been actively touring throughout the United States, England, Norway, and Sweden, from DIY generator shows to festivals, from honky tonks to house concerts. Dylan released his Gar Hole Records debut, "I Saw the Arkansas", in March of 2023.