Jude Brothers - "looking for water / finding home!"

Released November 29th, 2023

From Jude: “looking for water/finding home!” is a live recording from a set performed on the local tv station in my hometown of Fayetteville, AR. I like to think of it as a time capsule- a capturing of some old songs and some new, as I’ve been performing them with my mini harp on the road much of this year. As I’m transitioning out of the “render tender/blunder sunder” universe and into my next body of work, it feels nice to have this little live EP moment to bridge the worlds and mark the moving forward!

In addition to the render tender tunes “last song/upper gallinas!” & “practicing silence/looking for water!” , the two new songs are called “yearnestness!” and “i’m gonna build a life i don’t wanna escape from!”.

"im gonna build a life i dont wanna escape from!" (official video)