Nick Shoulders - "Home on the Rage"

Released April 20th, 2021

Recorded during the late summer months of 2020, Home on the Rage is the first solo/acoustic attempt by Nick, with limited accompaniment from ‘Okay Crawdad’ collaborator Grant D’Aubin appearing alongside a showcase of Nick’s multi-instrumental and genre-bending original songs. With ‘Home on the Rage,’ Nick swaps the raucous, sweat-stained Honkabilly of New Orleans for the rocky solitude of the Ozark up-country. The energy is subdued, but what the record lacks in rowdiness, it makes up for in sheer determination. Alongside the expected pained warbles and indignant yodels are songs about profound isolation, permanent disruption, and the apocalyptic anxiety that marks the album as a product of the red-state COVID-19 zeitgeist.

"Rise When the Rooster Crows" (Western AF)