The Lostines - "Meet the Lostines"

Released April 26th, 2024

Although recorded in the band's hometown of New Orleans, Meet The Lostines — the full-length debut from songwriters Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler and Camille Wind Weatherford — is an album that charts its own geography. This is where the swampland meets the sock hop. Where golden-age rock & roll crosses paths with old-school country. Where timeless American roots music drops its anchor and climbs skyward, finding some balance between the earthy and the otherworldly.

At the center of that sound are the entwined voices of Casey Jane and Camille, two longtime friends whose songs explore the uncharted territory between genres. There's rarely a melody on Meet The Lostines that the two don't sing together, stacking their lush harmonies against a backdrop of baritone guitar, spring reverb, orchestral strings, Cajun fiddle, upright piano, and Theremin. It's an immersive sound that bridges the gaps between genres, created by two songwriters (along with a revolving door of collaborators, co-conspirators, and fellow Big Easy residents) who're happy to build their own world.


"After Party"

"Neon Lights"

"Full Moon Night"