Jude Brothers - "render tender / blunder sunder"

Released May 12th, 2023

Blending traditional sensibilities with contemporary concerns, render tender / blunder sunder arrives ready to propel listeners into the heart of songwriter Jude Brothers’ rich emotional experience – journeying through the underworld of doubt, longing, heart-break, and loss of identity, and arriving on the other side lighter, at a place of expansiveness and healing.

The nine track record, a stripped down and honest presentation of Brothers’ free-form compositions on tenor guitar and Celtic lever harp, displays their ease working within the framework of American Folk Music paradigms – gleaned from a musical childhood in Northwest Arkansas, steeped in its attendant regional influences – and enriched through their abiding and engaged love of various world folk traditions. Gliding atop delicately plucked harp-laden lullabies and adventurous freak-folk romps is Brothers’ effortless, playful, and expressive lyricism, propelled by a fearless and dynamic vocal range reminiscent of Karen Dalton, Joanna Newsom, and Joni Mitchell.

"practicing silence / looking for water!" (official video)

"torch bare / the boss!" (official video)

"yar wut yar / i love you for it!" (official video)