New Artist: Jess Harp

It’s time to welcome Fayetteville’s own Jess Harp to the Gar Hole Records family! 
Jess Harp, born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, has been a noteworthy figure in the Fayetteville music scene for a while now. Locals are no stranger to Jess’ angelic singing voice, folky songwriting style, or raucous, full-band live shows. Now, after a long pandemic gestation, we are pleased as punch to help bring their first collection of songs into the world, a five-song EP called JESSY BABY FOREVER.
The EP features Jess and the full-band outfit, made up of Hayden Johnson, James Williams, and Dick Darden, performing their unique style of shoe-gazey, dreamy, emo-tinged americana live to tape at East Hall Recording in Fayetteville. 
Band Photo - Cassandra Combs
Album Cover Art - Vaughn Mims
EP releases 5.6.2022