Announcing: Bonnie Montgomery - "River" (our 11.3)

Announcing: Bonnie Montgomery - "River" (our 11.3)

Please help me welcome Arkansas country music royalty to the Gar Hole Records roster: Ms. Bonnie Montgomery. We are pleased to announce that her new record, River, will be released to the world November 3rd on Gar Hole Records. The first single, a doozy of a honky tonker called "Modern-Day Cowgirl's Dream", is out now. Stream it < here >

Raised in rural Arkansas on a soundtrack of southern gospel, Texas swing, Delta blues, and Ozark bluegrass, Bonnie Montgomery trained as an opera singer before launching her award-winning career in outlaw country. She embraces that diversity with River, a versatile record that shows just how broad Montgomery's vision of American roots music can be. Arriving on the heels of projects like Billy Blythe, her critically-acclaimed opera about Bill Clinton's childhood, and Forever, the 2018 solo record that earned Montgomery the titles of "Best Americana Artist" and "Best Female Vocalist" from the Arkansas County Music Awards, River flows freely from one genre to the next. It's the crystallization of a sound Montgomery has been creating for years, blurring the boundaries between different formats while presenting Montgomery not only as a powerhouse vocalist, but as an autobiographical storyteller and captivating songwriter, too.

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Our dear sweet friends at Holler Country premiered the video for "Modern-Day Cowgirl's Dream". The video was directed by Grammy Award winning opera singer Zachary James, an old friend of Bonnie's from her exploits in the world of classical composition and opera.

Here's a little bit of what Joe had to say:

"Trotting into town on a half-time country funk backbeat with a phase-shifted Telecaster tucked firmly in the pocket, her new single ’Modern Day Cowgirl’s Dream’ sounds like Waylon sitting in on a Jeannie C. Riley session, as she recounts her tales of a misspent life well spent out on the road in Texas.

'It’s an outlaw country jam inspired by honky tonkin' around Texas,” Bonnie Montgomery explains. “It's about some wild times in and around Houston and Austin - involving cowboys, neon nights, jumping in the cold springs and crashing at Miss Whitney Rose's house (she also sang on the track) - and waking up just to do it all over again, like a small town cowgirl's dream on repeat.'

The accompanying music video, directed by actor, singer, Broadway-veteran, and GRAMMY-winner Zachary James, begins with an iconic lollipop drop as Bonnie Montgomery does her best Sandy from Grease appearing in the doorway of a local bar backlit like a honky tonk angel sent down from heaven above.

From there on in, it’s just another night out on the road for Bonnie Montgomery. A big gulp of the golden age of country music and getting rowdy with the locals wherever she goes. Any time, any town, anywhere, USA."

Love it! Read the whole thing and watch the video here: