Tomorrow’s Dream: A Tribute to Black Sabbath Volume I



released September 18, 2020

Tomorrow’s Dream is a radio show based and broadcasting from the KABF studios in Little Rock, Arkansas since September of 2011. The show, run by local metal dudes CT and Drew, focuses primarily on heavy music of the local / regional scene in Arkansas. What better way to celebrate a long running, heavy radio institution than a compilation of Black Sabbath covers recorded by local metal bands?

If you ever find yourself in Central Arkansas, you can check out Tomorrow’s Dream every Monday from 12pm-2pm airing on KABF 88.3FM, the commercial-free, listener supported “Voice of the People” of Little Rock since 1984! More information about the station, the show, where you can donate to the station can be found here:

Each band was responsible for the arrangement, production, and recording of their own track. You can check out their other recordings following the links below:

Nightspake –
Bones of the Earth –
Tranquilo –
Czarus –
Terminus –
Book of Shadows –
Sleuthfoot –
Ensepulchre –

Cover art by Lillian Aguinaga –

Additional mastering by Trvcy Prince –