The Lostines
"The Lostines EP"


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Originally recorded at New Orleans’ Mashed Potato Records in 2018, THE LOSTINES EP, the duo’s first collection of songs, wraps a full-band sound around the The Lostines’ bittersweet love songs and ballads. Heavily infused with the studio’s magic combo of in-house arrangements and tasteful lo-fi production, THE LOSTINES EP is a heartsick journey through a landscape of syrupy spring reverb, jangly guitar, and backing vocals that would have done the Shangri-Las proud. The resulting sound is one that many strive to achieve: something truly Classic, as if the 4 track EP were simply plucked from the ethereal undercurrent of the American music tradition. Timeless, yet forever and gorgeously tethered to New Orleans’ abiding affinity for dance and revelry.

THE LOSTINES EP is available now through Gar Hole Records. Re-released in conjunction with Mashed Potato Records.

Originally released 7/20/2018

Re-released 8/08/2022