The Gebharts - Summah Jam​​​(​​​á​​​)​​​s


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Fayetteville resident Lee Nagel has been performing and releasing music under The Gebharts moniker for several years now. His current lineup of players consists of friends Austin Cash on guitar, Conor Woody on bass and Ross Thompson on drums. Most folks who have seen the Gebharts live show know them as a lively psychedelic rock and roll act, complete with frilly shirts and a pretty excellent light show. However, Lee’s recordings, all recorded at home mostly by himself, tend to occupy a broader and more ambitious musical space.

“Summah Jam(a)s,” Lee’s second full-length release, documents Lee’s experience with severe bipolar mania in the summers of 2014 and 2015. According to Lee, the record’s sound is like “if Ray Davies had bipolar I and was into mushrooms.” The title of “Summah Jam(á)s” is a bilingual palindrome. “Jamás” can be pronounced as “Summah” backwards and in Spanish, it means “never” or “never again”.

For fans of The Gebhart’s live performances, that high-energy garage rock sound is certainly there. But littered throughout the record are more spacious and relaxed sections with elements of 60s/70s folk pop, electronic and even ambient/drone music. The various mood swings all work well and create a nice counterpoint in energy to the album’s more frenzied moments. Also deserving credit is the record’s very nice production quality, a clear sign of this bedroom project’s maturity. All considered, a pretty exciting record worthy of investigation.

released August 24, 2019

All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Harrison Gebhart except the following:

Supplemental Reading – Patrick Zani (keyboard), Conor Woody (keyboard)
Sage & Co – Conor Woody (organ, keyboard), Piper Sage Smith (violin)
$7.77 – Austin Cash (lead guitar)

Mastering by Chris Moore at East Hall Studios