Jess Harp
“Jessy Baby Forever”


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releases May 6, 2022

When Jess Harp sings, one can’t help but listen. Savvily melding their choir boy chops, the folk songs of their home in Northwest Arkansas, and sonic nods to indie bands like Girls and Execution of All Things Rilo Kiley, Jess’ debut EP, JESSY BABY FOREVER, is a testament to the rapport between emo, country, and folk.

Recorded live, mixed, and mastered at East Hall Recording Studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas, “Jessy Baby Forever,” is a genre-defying treat, blending Jess’ folky songwriting style with a rich, almost shoegaze-y backdrop. Featuring James Williams on lead guitar, Hayden Johnson on bass, and Dick Darden on drums, the full-band lifts Jess’ humble tunes to a more dramatic sonic platform, with crescendos and cavorting layers of electric guitar and crashing drums, all sweetened by Jess Harp’s distinctive, lonesome, yet hopeful bird-song voice.

“Jessy Baby Forever” is a celebration of the nuances of lives lived, things tried, and the learning of many pains. Within its five tracks are stories about people falling into addiction, stories about family, and stories of the growth of musicianship and artistry. “Jessy Baby Forever” is as raw and organic as a group of friends singing along to a band at a house show, a hymn sung in church, or the rocky green Ozark hills where it was born. Its intimacy and unexpected, unbruised communion of joy will leave country/folk lovers and indie kids alike pleased and ready for more. ~Eryn Brothers

Richard “Dick” Darden – Percussion, Backup Vocals
James “Buck” Williams – Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Hayden “TJAF” Johnson – Bass, Backup Vocals
Jess “jessybaby” Harp – Vocals, Guitar

All songs written and recorded by the Jess Harp band. Recorded by Logan West and Chris Moore at East Hall Recording Studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mixed and mastered by Chris Moore.

Cover art by Vaughn Mims