The Lostines and Nick Shoulders
"Heart of Night"


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releases 12.2.2022

“Heart of Night,” a new split EP co-released by Gar Hole Records (Fayetteville, AR) and Mashed Potato Records (New Orleans, LA), offers two prime examples of modern alternative Americana music’s exciting trajectory: the Ozark-induced warbles and clever country stylings of Nick Shoulders, and the swampy pop songs and dreamy harmonies of The Lostines, brought together now in celebration of solidarity and shared mission within the independent music world.


1. The Lostines – “A Tear”
2. The Lostines – “Last Night”
3. Nick Shoulders & the Okay Crawdad – “Heart of Glass”
4. Nick Shoulders & the Okay Crawdad – “Rise When the Rooster Crows” (electric)

“A Tear”
Written by Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler, Camille Weatherford, & Joshua Shoemaker
Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler – Vocals
Camille Weatherford – Vocals
Sam Doores – Drums, Baritone Guitar, Organ, Electric Guitar, Rhodes, Percussion
Howe Pearson – Electric Guitar, Bass

“Last Night”
Written by Camille Weatherford
Camille Weatherford – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler – Vocals
Sam Doores – Acoustic Guitar, Rhodes, Organ
Howe Pearson – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Sam Gelband – Vocals
Peter J Bowling – Viola
Thomas Bowling – Violin
Sam Hollier – Cello

All songs co-produced by Ross Farbe, Sam Doores, Howe Pearson & The Lostines. Recorded & mixed by Ross Farbe. Mastered by Burt Murder at Triangle House Productions

“Heart of Glass”
Written by Blondie
Nick Shoulders – Guitar and Vocals
Grant D’Aubin – Bass and Vocals

“Rise When the Rooster Crows”
Written by Nick Shoulders
Nick Shoulders – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Grant D’Aubin – Bass and Vocals
Jason “Chooch” Norton – Lead Guitar
Chelsea “Cheech” Moosekin – Drums
All songs produced by Nick Shoulders. Recorded & Mixed by Eric Witthans at Homestead Studios in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Recording