Chris Acker

In a genre full of tall tales and marketable lies, Chris Acker crafts candid songs- weaving his wit and woes into a body of work that exposes the stale plight of the American Songster to the honest, and sometimes hilarious, light of day.

Fleeing the doldrums of an adolescent in Seattle before putting in time battered by the road, Chris was absorbed into the haggard decadence of the New Orleans Americana world and has been happy to grace it ever since. Regardless if you're sitting by a backyard fire on a muggy Louisiana night or standing stage-side in some far flung town, when you hear Chris Acker playing, you’re hearing the end result of countless hours of observing the masters of his craft...and the end result of promptly repeating their mistakes. Nearly a decade in to his songwriting career, Acker has developed a lyrical style that contains more reverence than it does reference to those that came before him. From the folk revival through the golden age of country music, deafened by punk shows and brass bands alike; Chris’s songwriting is a nod to the absurd yet muted brilliance that inhabits the molded corners of every smoke filled bar and cratered street he treads, paired with a variety of pained honesty that merits a long second look. 

-Nick Shoulders





Chris Acker - "Panicked & Paralyzed"

Chris Acker - "Good Kid"

Chris Acker - "Re-Runs"