NEW RELEASE: The Lostines & Nick Shoulders – “Heart of Night” (12.02 release)

It’s finally time! Gar Hole Records is proud to announce “Heart of Night,” a split release from Nick Shoulders and The Lostines

Heart of Night is a four song EP featuring two songs from Nick and the Crawdads and two songs from the Lostines. For Nick, it’s his first new music release of the year. For The Lostines, these tracks are their first new music released in about four years! The first single is “Heart of Glass,” Nick’s totally originally cover of the Blondie classic. Our music video for the song is premiering now at Holler Country. Here’s what they had to say:

“In his hands, ‘Heart of Glass’ is reimagined as a peculiar country curio complete with warbles, whistles and yodels, as he breathes new life into the Blondie classic and turns it into a lazy swinging waltz. His distinctly anti-country take on it gives the song an eerie familiarity, as he pulls apart and picks over the bones of the new wave disco original and holds them up to the light one by one for closer inspection.
When he sings lines like “Lost inside / Adorable illusion and I cannot hide / I’m the one you’re using, please don’t push me aside” it’s as if you’re finally hearing them for the first time for what they truly are. It’s way existential. It might not grab you and pull you onto the dance floor at a wedding like the original did, but it’ll sit beside you crying on the bathroom floor, holding your hair back while you drunkenly throw up.” – Jof Owens

The track is out digitally on Friday.

We are happy to be presenting this special, limited release with our super good friends Mashed Potato Records. Mashed Potato has been a vital part of the music scene down in NOLA for years, both as a label releasing complications of local artists and as a recording studio. This is our second co-release with MPR this year (the first was the reissue of The Lostines excellent 2018 EP), and we are thrilled to tie our fates together once more! 

We’d also like to thank Taylor W Rushing for his beautiful artwork and layout. 

Digital and physical pre-orders are available now. We decided to mix it up and go for 10” vinyl this time, all 110g coke bottle green cut at 45rpm. This one is limited to 2000 copies. We will only be pressing this release one time, so scoop it if you want one!

I’ll just go ahead and let you know: we probably will not have these in hand on release date, December 2nd. Unfortunately, we got a little snubbed by the manufacturer this time around. From what we can tell at this point, we will get our order before the end of the year. Please keep this in mind when ordering, especially if you are purchasing as a gift. We can’t make any promises, since a lot of it is out of our hands, but if you are purchasing as a gift, we recommend not using Media Mail just to help your package to get to you sooner.

Thank you for your support. Product link and credits below


1. The Lostines – “A Tear”
2. The Lostines – “Last Night”
3. Nick Shoulders & the Okay Crawdad – “Heart of Glass”
4. Nick Shoulders & the Okay Crawdad – “Rise When the Rooster Crows” (electric)


“A Tear”
Written by Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler, Camille Weatherford, & Joshua Shoemaker
Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler – Vocals
Camille Weatherford – Vocals
Sam Doores – Drums, Baritone Guitar, Organ, Electric Guitar, Rhodes, Percussion
Howe Pearson – Electric Guitar, Bass

“Last Night”
Written by Camille Weatherford
Camille Weatherford – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Casey Jane Reece-Kaigler – Vocals
Sam Doores – Acoustic Guitar, Rhodes, Organ
Howe Pearson – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Sam Gelband – Vocals
Peter J Bowling – Viola
Thomas Bowling – Violin
Sam Hollier – Cello

All songs co-produced by Ross Farbe, Sam Doores, Howe Pearson & The Lostines. Recorded & mixed by Ross Farbe. Mastered by Burt Murder at Triangle House Productions

“Heart of Glass”
Written by written by Clement Anthony Bozewski, Deborah Harry, and Christopher Stein
Nick Shoulders – Guitar and Vocals
Grant D’Aubin – Bass and Vocals

“Rise When the Rooster Crows”
Written by Nick Shoulders
Nick Shoulders – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Grant D’Aubin – Bass and Vocals
Jason “Chooch” Norton – Lead Guitar
Chelsea “Cheech” Moosekin – Drums
All songs produced by Nick Shoulders. Recorded & Mixed by Eric Witthans at Homestead Studios in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Recording