New Release: Chris Acker – “Plate of Soup”

Here’s some new-ish music from Chris Acker and long-time collaborator Nikolai Shveitser. It’s called “Plate of Soup: Odd, Ordinary & Otherwise Demos.”

Chris and Nikolai were living together when the COVID kicked off and spent the bulk of the 2020 lockdown months together, hiding from the New Orleans heat, fending off the boredom and blues, and playing music. Many of the “Odd, Ordinary & Otherwise” songs were written or received their final polish in this time. At a certain point, the pair decided to record some demos and send them out to trusted friends and confidants. One of those tapes made it up to Arkansas, and now we have the supreme pleasure of sharing with you, the WORLD.

Plate of Soup contains a demo version of each track on Odd, Ordinary & Otherwise, as well as a few unreleased songs that didn’t make it on the record. All the music is performed live by Chris and Nikolai and recorded direct to cassette, dubbed over an old Neil Young tape. The audio quality is a little rough, but so were the times.

Plate of Soup is available now on limited edition cassette and digitally through Bandcamp. Tapes will ship out in a few weeks. This release will not be available on streaming services. We have also finally received our new pressing of “Odd, Ordinary & Otherwise,” this time on clear vinyl. There’s a discount if you buy both the new pressing and the demo cassette. We also threw up a new t-shirt design for Chris, which will ship out when the tapes are ready.