Gar Hole Records | Independent Label

Before Gar Hole, there was Tape Dad. Kurt started the micro-label in 2018 with the intention of supporting and amplifying the art being created in Fayetteville’s small but vibrant DIY music scene. Since then, the label has produced dozens of cassette releases for a variety of artists within the Northwest Arkansas region and beyond. All cassettes are dubbed at home using vintage tape decks and hi-fi gear to achieve the highest fidelity possible.

For a full history of Tape Dad releases, please visit the Bandcamp site. You can also always find a selection of available Tape Dad releases and merchandise at the Gar Hole store.

For all inquiries – tapedadfay@gmail.com

If you would like to a submission for Tape Dad consideration, please do so in the form of a private streaming link (no downloads, mp3s)